Breaducation Classes

Artisan baking comes from the heart. It takes passion and skill. Artisan bakers know how to mix, ferment, hand mould and bake hand-crafted bread. Skill and knowledge are integral to making artisan bread. The sourdough starter, the best flour, the dough….. they are nothing without an attending baker who knows how to use the. The more you know the more you realise you don’t know, it’s a life long learning process.

Breaducation is our way of giving back to the community. They laugh a lot and talk out loud, but to see their face when the bread comes out of the oven, its cool, warm, tasty. Our bakers love the quality and slow development of the sourdough process. It's our way of nature of giving back to the community of a stable food. During the 3 day process, the baker's laugh, give life and love back to such a living product.. Developing, moulding, feeding the bread of life so warms the soul of every customer whom purchases it. This forms the foundation of our organic bakery in country NSW.

They love the smash the dough, make pizza or sweet or savoury scrolls or bread loaves.

We have long been famous for our kids cooking classes, but nowadays we also run adult classes and also offer corporate training packages, please phone Paul 0459229004 or Tania 0414858366

We can do a mixture of bread and pastry right through to ice cream making. ( gelato)

We can design your own requirements or interests in the cooking world, with recipes also if you like. Parties or end of year Christmas dinner with baking bread, its all yours at Quinty Bakehouse.

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