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Other Quinty Bakehouse Products


An artisan baker is trained to the highest levels of skill to mix, ferment, shape (hand mould), bake and hand craft a loaf of bread. Choosing the best organic ingredients, never baking with preservatives or additives and also understanding the science behind the chemical reactions of the ingredients and knowing how to provide the best environment for the bread to develop. Through and through, a true artisan baker is commited to creativity, effort and the perfection of every product.

All of our breads are handmade organic sourdoughs with no yeast, a natural fermentation process over 3 days and a commitment to quality and freshness. A selection of our bread products are listed below:

  • White sourdough
  • Wholemeal sourdough
  • Whole grain and wholemeal sourdough
  • Ciabatta white square
  • Ciabatta rolls- a great one for either breakfast roll or burger rolls
  • Ham and cheese with whole egg mayonnaise scroll
  • Cinnamon and raisin scroll
  • Hot cross buns
  • Focaccia bread