School Excursions

Quinty Bakehouse school excursions are designed to introduce children of wide range of ages to artisan baking with a focus on traditional, natural food production.

The excursion will commence with a working bakery tour followed by a discussion of the techniques and history of bread making. The student excursions and bread education tour applies to many areas of the school curriculum including:

PDH & PE: the complex carbohydrates provided by bread are a vital part of a balanced diet in the right quantities. Overly processed bread that is high in sugar (as found in supermarkets) does not qualify as a substitute for a natural, good quality bread.

Biology: Quinty Bakehouse uses it’s own live yeast starter culture in it’s sourdough production. This starter is carefully maintained since 2001 and is responsible for the delicate, unique balance of flavours found in our organic sourdough breads.

Chemistry: There are many chemical reactions in the bread making process including fermentation, a vital step for the development of the gluten and flavours of the bread, and during the proving and baking steps.

We follow tour of the production facility, hands on baking class, Q & A with the bakers. Please make sure there is one teacher present for every 15 students.

Options available for all school years, after school care and vacation care centre groups.

Maximum students is 45 per 1.5 hours session for high school students.

Minimum 22 students per 1.5 hours session for primary school students.

Please contact us for pricing and further information.